According to the article, "Technology and Teaching Children to Read", The Northeast and the Islands Regional Technology in Education Consortium (NEIRTEC) project researched effective ways to teach children to read. They researched how to incorporate technology in teaching students to read. It is important to remember that the use of technology is fairly new, meaning that adequate research may not be available yet. The article reminded readers of this fact.

In order to effectively teach children to read, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension must be taught. Phonemic awareness is when students are taught to segment speech into individual sounds and blend those sounds to form words. Phonics instruction is when students are taught letter sounds and the connection between letters and sounds, so that they are able to decode words. Fluency is when students are taught to read accurately, with expression, and with accurate speed. Fluency enhances comprehension. Vocabulary instruction is taught so that students have knowledge of the meanings of words that are being read. Comprehension skills are taught so that students better understand what they are reading. The article reminded readers of the following, "These five components need to be integrated as children learn to read."[1]

Furthermore, with the literacy rates as inconsistent as they are across the country, special attention to accuracy and comprehension needs to be given - the education system needs to put as much as they can into developing the literacy rates of our students. I have students who can speak and communicate very effectively, yet cannot read and gain comprehension of content. Therefore, fluency practice for comprehension needs to be effectively implemented, crafted for each cultural environment of various districts/schools to maximize development of literacy rates across the country.

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